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The CQB Notch/Peep Sight is the most improved AR15 rear sight on the market today.  Weapon Solutions developed this notch/peep rear sight for use at Close Quarters Battle (CQB) distances. The standard A2 sight is intended to be used at 300 and 800 meters. While we have found that to achieve the “flash sight picture” needed for up close action, our notch sight works better at 3 and 15 yards. This sight also helps to avoid the top of the standard peep sight from covering-up the commonly used red dot reticles during co-witness sighting.  Most peep sights can get lost in the optics body and cause a poor sight picture.  This quality CNC machined 6061-aluminum replacement notch/peep type sight allows the shooter to see the entire sight picture needed to co-witness on a target. Also works great on all AR15 Pistols. Replaces the factory standard A1/A2 rear sight.

There is still a “medium” sized opening on the peep side. The peephole on our rear sight falls nicely between the two standard sizes. Elevation does not change when switching from the notch to peep sight.  The peep sight is recommend at target distances past fifteen yards. It is the best of both worlds. Retail pricing is $29.95.

Weapon Solutions also offers this sight mounted  in a stand-alone rear sight mount

(Forward Operating Notch Sight).

CQB Notch/Peep AR15 Rear Sight

Patent Pending - 100% American Made

National Tactical Officer Association Tested and Recommended